Study timeline

June 2019
1st Week, Pilot Testing of e_CRF at CHU Sainte Justine

2nd Week, Pilot Data collections at 2-3 committee sites and validation of data extracting format

3-4th week, Revision of main study e-CRFs according to the pilot testings

Translation of main study e-CRF
July 2019
1-3rd Week, Pilot Data collections for the ancillary studies at committee sites

Translation of ancillary study e-CRF and the test

4th Week- Explanatory sessions to participating centers
August 2019
4th Steering committee meeting(s)

Testing at Participating centres and explanatory sessions to participating centers as needed
September 2019
1st Data collection Date, September, 4th
December 2019
2nd Data collection Date, December, 4th
March 2020
3rd Data collection Date, March, 3rd
June 2020
4th Data collection Date, June, 3rd
September 2020
Close recruitment

5th Data collection Date, September, 2nd
December 2020
6th Data collection Date, December, 2nd
March 2021
7th Data collection Date, March, 3rd
June 2021
8th Data collection Date, June, 3rd